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"Not just any word. Z Word."


"Zinta interviewed me and my son for an online article about we-search.org, the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center and funding biomedical research. Zinta was very professional and was well informed about the topic. The article was extremely well written. I would be happy to work with her again."


~ Richard Rovin, Neurosurgeon at Marquette General Hospital

“Zinta is a terrific and engaging writer with a deep passion for authenticity. Her valued interest in stories from the margins have guided her to write several article about Kinetic Affect and our nonprofit work via Speak It Forward Inc. We have been incredibly impressed with her ability to articulate our experiences and capture them in creative and yet accessible ways to general audience.”

~ Kirk Latimer, business entrepreneur, co-founder of Kinetic Affect and Speak It Forward

"Zinta is a professional writer with the heart of a storyteller, which means that she's able to get to the heart of each story she pursues, to paint a true picture with her words, to find meaning in the mundane, and to connect people through her writing. In the two stories she's written for me, I've been amazed at her ability to shape my rambling answers to her interview questions into clear, accurate, and moving accounts of my work. Zinta goes above and beyond to get each story right."


~ Amy Newday, Co-owner, Harvest of Joy Farm LLC; Writing Center Director, Kalamazoo College

"Zinta is a joy to work with. She is always organized and ready for assignments. She really goes above and beyond to help me get in contact and flesh out the visuals for any assignment we are both assigned. As an added bonus she is very visually oriented which makes working with her super easy."


~ Erik Holladay, Photography Editor at Issue Media Group

"Through her immense talent, forsight and generosity, Zinta has created a  literary ezine that is respected for its quality writing and design not only in Southwest Michigan, but throughout the literary world.  Her reviews, interviews and literary and visual art selections are thoughtful, illuminating and inspiring. Zinta is that rare mix of journalist/poet who captures the power of a piece of writing , an artist's talent and importance, an event or frost on the field at dawn clearly, insightfully, and artistically. The Smoking Poet helps spread the word about upcoming writers and introduces  readers to the depths of better known literary artists. Zinta reminds us that our own voices are valued and help others see the world in broader perspective. We are so fortunate she is a part of our vitural and physical community."
~ Marsha Meyer, Programming and Events Planner, Portage District Library, Michigan

“Zinta Aistars is one of those rare individuals who sees the big picture and her role in it without ever losing sight of the details necessary for a particular project to achieve excellence. As a gifted artist, citizen of the world and level-headed business woman, she has the creative vision, comprehensive perspective and common sense necessary to make any endeavor a success.”

~ Tim Hawkins, Communications Manager, Van Andel Institute

“I really enjoyed my experience working with Zinta. She is one of the most creative storytellers I have ever worked with in business communications. I would hire her in heartbeat for any writing and editing work.”
~ Cari Rutkoskie, Director of Communications, Stryker

"I was reading through your suggested changes for my Huffington Post article, and I kept thinking, "Wow, good point!"  "Of course, that's right!"  "Wow, that's a lot better!" You're really gifted at this!"
~ Karen Horneffer-Ginter, contributing writer to Huffington Post

“Zinta Aistars has broad experience in communication in a variety of settings, notably in education and health care. She is a solid, skilled and outstanding writer and editor who understands her audience and can target messages effectively. Zinta has strong interpersonal skills and terrific insights. She's also a great person and team player, able to build relationships that are critical to success in projects and in day-to-day work.”
~ Rick Chambers, Rick Chambers and Associates, LLC

"Zinta Aistars is a Kalamazoo writer and editor who has created, published and developed since 2006, The Smoking Poet, an excellent online literary journal.The Smoking Poet has provided a high quality space for poetry and fiction. This literary journal has grown international and features a local section titled “Kalamazoo and Beyond.” 

I have been a regular contributor to The Smoking Poet and have greatly admired the content and form of this publication, and its level of selectivity. I have had the pleasure to discover in its pages new emerging writers who have quickly reached notoriety and also prominent writers, such as Stuart Dybek, Conrad Hillberry, Arnie Johnston, Bonnie Jo Campbell and Diane Seuss. 

Zinta Aistars, the founder and editor, has always dealt with regularity and professionalism with writers and maintained excellence in the aesthetic choices for the magazine’s work selection, pagination and illustrations."


~ Hedy Habra, Poet, Short-story writer, Essayist, Adjunct Professor of Spanish at Western Michigan University

"Zinta first came into my life as a member of the women's spirituality group at Kalamazoo College when she worked there in public relations. Now that I have a book out about sport and spirituality, Zinta was the obvious choice to help get the word out, even though she said she had no interest in sport. She was able to extrapolate her knowledge about life into our work together. She is current, helpful, creative, and a delight to work with. She has an eye for detail as well as a gentle way of reminding me of deadlines, and is always positive about potential outcomes. I highly recommend Zinta's work to anyone looking for a greater connection with their audience."

~ Jeanne Hess, author of Sportuality: Finding Joy in the Games

"First and foremost, Zinta is a spirit of nature and a delight to work with. She recently interviewed me for an article that she was writing for Second Wave Media. The result of the article that she wizardly crafted by pen was not only engagingly informative but heartwarming as well. Thank you, Zinta!"

~ Christine Skandis, Founder, Skandis Fine Wines, LLC

“Zinta is a wonderful writer/editor. I first met Zinta when she was assigned to help write about me as a patient and telling my patient story to thousands of people. Zinta was kind, patient, and interested in hearing my story. She made me feel "inspired" by allowing me to tell my story. The finished product was amazing, positive, and easy to read and understand. Zinta’s word choice for telling my story was exciting, appropriate, smooth and expressive.” 

~ Jodi Boyce-Thelen, Executive Assistant, Spectrum Health Hospitals

“Zinta Aistars is a valued contributor to WMUK's 'Arts & More' program. Her in depth interviews with writers and poets are an important part of the station's coverage of arts and culture in our area.”
~ Andrew Robins, news director, WMUK 102.1  FM, Kalamazoo, Michigan NPR affiliate

"Fantastic job!!! Thank you, Zinta ... you really captured the fragrance and the love of Walnut Hill Farm. It was really wonderful having someone who took a real interest in our crazy business and got excited about it, to write the article. It really shows."
~ Joyce Lattta and Tom Conklin, Walnut Hill Farm rose gardens

“Creative, dependable and full of good ideas are only three of the many skills Zinta Aistars has to offer. As an editor, I have found Zinta's stories accurate, she is easy to work with, and her work something my readers follow loyally as they know they will enjoy it.”
~ Kathy Jennings, managing editor, Southwest Michigan's Second Wave Media

“Zinta is an incredibly talented writer. She is thoughtful and creative and those qualities show in her work. I would highly recommend her for corporate and creative writing projects/positions.”

~ Carolyn Beggs, Communications & Marketing Coordinator II, Spectrum Health

“Zinta applied her gifts as a writer to the 2009 Spectrum Health Patient and Family Advisory Council Annual Report. She captured the warmth and detail of the core patient experiences that moved these individuals to become council members and shaped the messages in a compelling way. Zinta worked in tight internal timelines and was able to present a source of abundance of time in dealing with patients and family members. The completed project was an intricate weaving of ten council’s involvement in the Spectrum Health System with the power of story as the foundation of the service.”

~ Karyl DeBruyn, Manager, Spectrum Health

“I had the great experience of working with Zinta Aistars for four years at Spectrum Health. During that time, I learned a lot about her:

- She is an excellent writer.
- She is a passionate writer.
- She is a talented writer.

I saw Zinta in action, and it is impressive. She is thorough, hard-working, and dedicated. If you put Zinta on a story, you can be assured the research and background work will be done. No matter what the topic or the angle, Zinta will be well prepared – and the results will show it. Her stories have depth and meaning. They have context and texture. You feel as if you have been there, or as if you have met the person she is writing about.

She is truly creative, and truly a professional. She is able to write in different styles, depending on what is needed and who the audience is. The right details will always be included – that’s something she notices and weaves into her work.

Zinta is an asset to any organization’s workforce. She is trustworthy, dependable, and truly talented. I highly recommend her!”
~ Jenny Rode, Writer/Editor, Amway

“I met Zinta in 2008 and since then have regularly enjoyed her articles, poems, stories & reviews from her website, blog and The Smoking Poet on-line magazine. Zinta is a wonderfully descriptive writer with a beautiful grasp of language & words. Her evocation of places and experiences is extraordinary and I relish reading each new piece of writing she creates.”
~ Astrid Reed, associate curator at The Sculpture Foundation

“It was a distinct honor to be able to work on a project with Zinta. Not only did she come to every meeting prepared, she gave amazing ideas that we would not have otherwise thought of. What astounded me the most was that she took the initiative to completely immerse herself into this project by attending the current training to gain a better understanding of the project. No one has ever done that before, and I believe it proves not only what a top notch employee she is, but also her true character as a person. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with Zinta again.”
~ Lisa Organek, training specialist, Spectrum Health

“I have worked with few writers as flexible and willing as Zinta. Our professional collaborations have immersed us in areas of new, unfamiliar subject matter where it was necessary to mine content, and subsequently, lay product/service positioning. In all cases, Zinta's creative solutions have been spot-on and intelligent. I truly enjoy our working relationship.”
~ Robin Renzenbrink, senior marketing specialist

“My experience with Zinta Aistars as a writer, editor, and individual has proven her to be both inspired and inspiring. Zinta is an incredibly prolific writer and the quality of her work is consistently concise, clear, and empassioned; she is not afraid to tell the truth as she sees it. Further, more than just committed to her profession, when Zinta writes, she is honoring a true talent!”
~Jeannie Sanders, Media Specialist, Kalamazoo College

“Zinta is a fabulous, detail-oriented editor of a top-notch literary magazine. As a fellow editor and an interviewee of Zinta's, I have been highly impressed with the quality of her work.”
~ Shaindel Beers, Poetry Editor and Poet

“What a partner Zinta was in the work of communicating the value of a Kalamazoo College education! Zinta is a careful and compelling writer, a creative thinker regarding effective communication strategies, and a skillful media relations manager. She knows a great communicator must be a great listener. She has a conductor's ear regarding the resonance of messages to particular audiences, and she uses this gift to ensure measurable results of communication--in knowledge, emotion, and action. What a great teammate!”
~ Jim Van Sweden, Director of Communications, Kalamazoo College

“Zinta is a top-shelf writer and a highly professional colleague.”

~ Richard T. Berman, Dean of Experiential Education, Kalamazoo College

“Working with Zinta was a pleasure. She is quietly insightful and a consumate professional. While widely recognized for her writing, she is equally skilled in her work with the media and as a spokesperson. Her interpersonal skills and her ability to draw a speaker out are real assets. Quite simply, she's very, very good!”
~ Angela Graham, Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

“I highly recommend Zinta Aistars as a savvy, hardworking magazine editor. The interview she did with me for The Smoking Poet was outstanding - Zinta has real talent as an editor aware of what makes authors tick. Any author would be lucky to be interviewed by her, and any magazine would be lucky to have her.”
~ Paul Levinson, Author at Tor Books

“Working with Zinta Aistars as one's editor, reviewer, or preferred author is a tremendously satisfying experience. Before I had the honor of counting her among my editors, she was more a writer whose stories, articles, and poetry I eagerly consumed on AuthorsDen every time she chose to share them. I later realized she was quite a bit more than one of my personal favorite authors and enjoyed the opportunity to both work with her as my editor when my work was featured in the SMOKING POET eZine and to benefit from her superior PR skills as she promoted the eZine, and, later reviewed by book ELEMENTAL, The Power of Illuminated Love. She is a living model of literary, editorial, and PR five-star excellence whose talents have won her many admirers, of which I am only one."

~ Aberjhani, author of Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance and The American Poet Who Went Home Again

Many more references at Zinta's profile on LinkedIn.

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