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    “There is not a business, an institution, an organization, or an effort connecting one human being to another that does not require communication. To what degree that communication is effective, there is infinite potential. This is where I fit in. I am a writer and a communicator—and I am effective. It is that infinite potential that so fascinates me.”


                                                                 ~Zinta Aistars


    Anyone can write, right?


    In this day and age of social media, text messages and quick cell phone calls, we don’t really need writing and fussy grammar anymore, do we?

    Wrong again.

    Good writing may be a nearly lost art, but we still need to communicate. Sometimes a text message of BRB, LOL, and OMG just won’t do.

    Communication is more important than ever. That’s where Z Word comes in. When you need a strong cover letter, or you have a book manuscript to edit, or your company needs great web copy or an annual report, or maybe even to send in an application to get listed on Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work (that can be a 100-page book in itself!), you need an expert writer.

    Let me introduce myself. I am Zinta Aistars (or you can call me Z), owner and founder of Z Word, LLC, and I am your expert writer and communicator. I’ve also write blogs and reviews on the Lake Stevens Locksmith website.

    How can I help you get the word across? Let’s work together to tell your story!


    “Words carry energy and this gives language its power and its potential to heal or hurt … [when] we truly begin to harness the power of speech … our words can be intelligent messengers of healing and light, transmitting deep and positive feelings to those who receive them.”
                                                              ~ Madisyn Taylor, Daily OM